Local food and beverage purveyors in the Finger Lakes / Waterloo area to bring a new urban food market concept to the community.


We are aiming to assemble a variety of vendors with focus on quality at a modest price point.  Barbecue to Dessert, Craft beer or local wine.  If you are currently catering, operating a food truck, participating in seasonal outdoor markets, or are looking to expand your brand, we want to hear from you.


Urban Food Hall Concepts Are a Modern American Destination!
Food halls give those with a passion for food a chance to earn a living from their craft, without the high barrier of entry associated with owning their own brick-and-mortar store.
We can’t wait to have to opportunity to show off the creations of talented local chefs…
Scott Horrocks owns and operates Valhalla Cafe and Catering, and has been cooking professionally for 14 years.  He can be found seasonally at the Windmill market in Penn Yan, or at pop ups all over the finger lakes!
His unique sandwich creations are tasty and rotate often, with exciting menu items like Sausage and Tortellini Soup, Chicken Bacon Swiss, and Vegan ‘Pulled Pork’ w/ Cole Slaw.
Below we see 3 W. Main Street, rendered as a portion of the Waterloo Eats food hall, with three independent vendors operating their own concepts:

West Main Brewery ( 7 W. Main St )

New York State’s premier craft brewing destination is the Finger Lakes, so we’ve been keen on bringing a brewery to Waterloo for some time now. During the remediation of the Waterloo Eats buildings, 7 W. Main Street had some issues with it’s floors (to put it lightly!) Well, we turned lemons into lemonade and created a concept that’s a destination in it’s own right!

Watch your step! The first one’s a doozy…
December 2020, progress being made!

Architectural Sketch (After):

Render ( After ) :

Visit westmainbrewery.com for more info 🙂

Contact / Social Media

Social Media has become THE way we share great experiences with family and friends.  Instagram and Facebook are the arteries of modern communication.   Waterloo Eats has been actively engaging our loyal foodie followers – even in this early conceptual stage – to fantastic results.  We’ve already got a user base in the thousands and it’s growing every day!


Our vision is to partner with talented, passionate, like-minded people to create an indoor food market that is unique and most importantly our own.  Send us an e-mail to introduce yourself!

Contact Alex Teller alex@waterlooeats.com